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Need help planning your next special event? Pamela’s Catering is your partner in putting together an event that will have everyone talking for years to come! We make coordinating event catering simple, so you can spend time focusing on all the other little details that bring your event together. Plus, our experience in venues throughout Washington, MI allows us to make sure planning and execution go hand in hand. Call us for catering services today and we’ll help you plan out the complete details. Here’s a closer look at our process.

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Step 1

We chat with you briefly about your needs and the event date. Our catering experts will gather all the pertinent details required to make sure we can satisfy your needs, and to make sure we have the date available. We’ll also give you an introduction to our services and capabilities, so you know we’re the right fit for your event catering.

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Step 2

We meet with you at your event location in Washington, MI. Over the course of an hour or two, we’ll go through all of the on-site details necessary to bring your event to life. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for how the catering will run at your event, in the context of the floor plan and layout of the venue.

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Step 3

With all the details in place and a total agreement about everything, we’ll draw up a proposal that highlights everything in plain English. We’ll go through the contract with you and, if it’s up to your standards and everything is accurate, we’ll get it signed and on-file. From there, all that’s left is to show up and cater your event!

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Step 4

We’ll check in with you 7-10 days before the event to confirm all details and to make sure nothing has changed. If there are changes or adjustments, our team will incorporate them into the execution plan and make sure that everything is ready to go for your upcoming event.

Once everything is confirmed, all that’s left is to see you at your event! Expect Pamela’s Catering to show up early, set up quickly, serve food with the utmost professionalism and take care of everything, so you and your guests can enjoy themselves. Questions? Ready to start planning event catering for your next event? Reach us today at 586-752-7782 for more information or to learn more about our process. We’re looking forward to making your special occasion a memorable one.

Why You Always Need a Catering Company

You can attempt to set up your entire corporate event on your own including the food if you would like to, but the odds are high that you will falter in your attempts to make progress. The reason? Because you are not trained on how to deliver the quality and expertise that people expect from any company they purchase a catering service from. As such, you may end up under-delivering for what you actually need to host a corporate event.

Not preparing enough food or not displaying it well could be a recipe for a disaster of an event. Not only that, but you could harm your reputation with the people who need to count on you the most. Are you willing to put it all on the line for your employees, or are they going to be disappointed yet again that they do not get the kind of event that they wanted when they signed up to attend it? The answer to that comes down to how you prepare for it.

Catering Companies Bring Enormous Value

A catering company can help in all the following areas:

  • Food Preparation
  • Food Presentation
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Clean Up
  • Supplying food that meets all dietary requirements
  • And Much More

It is a logistical nightmare to try to do all of this work by yourself when you are actively trying to set up the event. If you don’t have helpful partners on this mission, what are you really going to accomplish? In other words, you need to work with the catering companies because they are the best way forward to get your event set up and off your mind.

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We are a full service catering company offering outstanding all in house quality food items, to your home or our facilities. We are located in the Romeo-Washington area of Macomb County, Michigan. We provide off-premise-catering services to Creek Side Banquet Hall and other favorite venues.

1. We have a Certified Commercial Kitchen. Unlike many “out of my house” caterers, the Michigan Department of Health inspects our kitchen bi-annually. Rest assured that your food is prepared in a facility that guarantees it will be cared for properly from the moment it is arrives in our possession, through its preparation and storage, until the moment it is served to you.

2. We are well connected and offer special event coordinating services. With over fifteen years experience at Pamelas . We also have worked for many years in the food industry. We have sub-contracted professional musicians, talented pastry chefs, harpist, limousine services, florists, photographers, catering equipment as well as at Party Place Rental and other rental companies.

3. We have References, with over five years experience in the food service and catering industry, we have a list of past events, testimonials as well as references from people who have hosted an event similar to yours. They are available upon request.

4. We have a Professional and Experienced Staff. Most of our staff has over a decade of experience in the food service industry. As part of our standard service, we include bar tending, wait staffing, Chefs for the night service, and food station attendants.

5. Catering Equipment is available at wholesale rates for those who use our food and services.

6. We provide Delivery services. If you are located within 30 miles round trip of Woodland Shopping Center we will deliver for a 15% service fee. If your food requires our service staff, delivery is free of charge.

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When you choose Pamela’s Catering, you will know that you are working with people who legitimately care about setting the process up from end to end, and you won’t have to worry about it ever again. Your event will be set, and you can finally just enjoy it.

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