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Flavorful Food: At Our Intimate Location or Your Lavish Location
Regardless of the type of event you are planning to host, your catering menu of choice can be what determines how attendees will feel about the time spent.

Securing a quality caterer is going to save you time and hassle, and that’s where Pamelas Catering can step in to help. Our menus include fresh locally sourced ingredients and are made with a love for what we do. When you give us a call our priority is to provide great tasting food and top-notch service.

Use Pamela’s Catering for an Unforgettable Event.

What memorable event have you been to recently that didn’t have food offered? This is something to consider when you are working on establishing an event that people will remember and want to take part in. Thus, if you are planning an event , you should consider Pamelas Catering for help with your event.

Event catering companies are the ideal choice for these things because they work diligently to make sure you always have the right amount of food available for all of your guests, and they always make sure that you get the kinds of food that people like. You can choose from their many selections to ensure the perfect spread for everyone.

When You Choose a Caterer For Your Event.

  • Reliable service
  • Fewer things that you have to worry about when planning your event
  • A dedicated team of people who are happy to help with your event
  • Helping choose the food that everyone loves

These companies are great about setting everything up to be pleasing to the eye, attracting your guests to the table. Also, catering companies are happy to work on the cleanup portion of the event. They just want to make sure that everything is set up exactly how their customers need it to be, and they are happy to go above and beyond to meet the needs of anyone who hires them.

Areas We Serve

Washington, MI | Romeo, MI | Oakland County, MI | Macomb County, MI | Wayne County, MI |St. Claire County, MI | Detroit, MI | New Baltimore, MI | Port Huron, MI | Rochester, MI

Thus, if you are planning corporate events right now, you should get in touch with Pamela’s Catering for help with this project. We have been in business for over 22 years , and we know exactly what you need to make sure your event is perfect. We are happy to discuss pricing and various options, keeping in mind no menus are in set stone and we are willing to create a menu just for you.

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